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Eva Timber: Your Reliable Source for Premium Timber Products

Eva Timber is a leading importer and distributor of high-quality timber, specializing in fencing, landscaping, and building materials. We are renowned for our expertise in sourcing and supplying poles, including both peeled (cundy) and machine-rounded options, ideal for a wide range of applications in landscaping, fencing, equestrian facilities, and agriculture.

Our commitment extends beyond exceptional products. We offer comprehensive timber solutions tailored to the needs of our diverse clientele, including timber, building, fencing, and agricultural merchants, garden centers, and equestrian suppliers.

Key benefits of partnering with Eva Timber:

  • Unmatched Expertise in Poles: We source and supply superior peeled and machine-rounded poles for your specific requirements.
  • Comprehensive Product Range: Discover a full spectrum of fencing, landscaping, and building timber solutions.
  • Reliable Supply Chain: Count on consistent availability and timely delivery of your timber needs.
  • Commitment to Quality: We provide only the finest timber products, ensuring durability and performance.


Eva Timber: Ensuring Sustainable Quality Through Strategic Partnerships

Located at the heart of Riga docks, Eva Timber leverages its strategic partnerships with premier Baltic mills to provide unparalleled access to high-quality timber products. This collaborative approach allows us to:

  • Uphold Unwavering Quality Standards: Our rigorous selection process ensures all suppliers meet our stringent sustainability and quality benchmarks.
  • Implement Enhanced Quality Control: Every shipment arriving in Riga undergoes meticulous inspection, guaranteeing your satisfaction.
  • Maintain a Sustainable Supply Chain: We source timber from responsible partners committed to preserving forest ecosystems for future generations.

Eva Timber - Where Quality Meets Sustainability:

By partnering directly with leading Baltic mills and conducting thorough inspections, we ensure you receive only the finest timber products, ethically sourced and guaranteed to meet your project's specific needs. Choose Eva Timber and experience the difference a commitment to quality and sustainability can make.


Streamlined Supply Chain: We leverage efficient sourcing to offer competitive pricing on our timber products.

We source directly from reputable mills, maintaining a dedicated team at each stage to ensure quality and uninterrupted supply. Our strategically located storage facilities in the Port of Riga and key UK ports (Shoreham, Barrow Haven, Grimsby, Hull, Immingham, Goole, Cardiff, Rochester, Inverness) expedite efficient delivery throughout the UK.

At Eva Timber we stick to our belief that timber is the most sustainable and versatile building material around. That’s why we source timber only from sustainable forests that have been certified by either the Forest Stewardship Council or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

  • We stock a vast range of timber products in two warehouses that provide us with 22,000 sq ft of internal storage on Beechburn Industrial Estate near Crook.
  • Our facilities also include one acre of open storage
  • Whatever timber product you need, the chances are we have it in stock.

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