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    Leading Importer and Distributor of High Quality Timber

  • Streamlining Your Supply Chain with Premium Timber Imports

    Eva Timber, a leading importer and distributor of premium timber, is your trusted partner for high-quality fencing, landscaping, and building materials. We leverage our extensive global network to source the finest wood products, ensuring a consistent supply that meets your exact project specifications. By partnering with Eva Timber, you gain access to our unparalleled buying power and expertise, allowing you to streamline your supply chain and focus on what matters most – your business.

  • Unparalleled Selection and Expertise in Timber Products

    Eva Timber sets itself apart with its in-depth knowledge of timber sourcing and distribution. We offer a comprehensive selection of poles, encompassing both peeled (cundy) and machine-rounded options, to cater to your diverse clientele's needs. These poles are ideal for a wide range of applications, including landscaping projects, secure fencing solutions, equestrian facility construction, and agricultural structures.

  • Beyond Imports: Your Comprehensive Timber Partner

    Eva Timber goes beyond simply being an importer and distributor. We recognize the diverse needs of our valued clientele, including timber merchants, building suppliers, fencing specialists, agricultural businesses, garden centers, and equestrian suppliers. Therefore, we offer a strategically curated selection of timber solutions, ensuring you have the specific products required to fulfill your project requirements and customer demands.

Peeled Poles

Strong and smooth, peeled poles offer a natural look and long-lasting performance for fencing, landscaping, and construction projects.

    Eva Timber: Leading Softwood Importer in the UK

    As one of the largest softwood importers in the UK, Eva Timber is your trusted partner for high-quality timber solutions. We source a wide range of softwood products directly from around the globe, ensuring a vast selection to meet your specific needs.

    Our team of professional timber experts is here to assist you. We understand the importance of reliable sourcing and exceptional quality in the construction industry. Partnering with Eva Timber means you gain access to our extensive resources and unparalleled buying power in the softwood market.

    Let us be your one-stop shop for all your softwood requirements. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how Eva Timber can become your reliable, large-scale supplier.

    Eva Timber - Your Source for High-Quality Imported Softwood Poles

    Explore our latest shipment of meticulously organized, high-quality softwood timber poles, ready for immediate use.

    • Strong and Straight: Our imported softwood arrives uniformly sized, ensuring a sturdy foundation for your project.
    • Efficiently Organized: Unloaded with precision, this shipment is ready for quick and easy access on your worksite.
    • Clear View, Clear Choice: See exactly what you're getting with a video showcasing our imported softwood timber poles.

    From the Baltics to the UK

    From the Baltics to the UK From the Baltics to the UK
    New shipment of Peeled Poles
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      Sustainable Timber

      Treated peeled poles provide superior protection from adverse weather conditions, soil moisture, UV damage, and mould to maximise lifespan and greatly reduce the need to replace them at regular intervals. Only the highest quality, sustainable timber is used in the production of our treated peeled poles.

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      Peeled Poles

      All our peeled poles are also pointed at one end for ease of insertion into the ground, and flat at the other for a wide contact area. Our peeled poles are cut directly from smaller logs and then debarked.

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      Eva Timber’s treated peeled poles

      Ideal for all fencing projects commonly used in the farming, landscaping, and construction industries where coverage of large areas is required.

    New shipment of Peeled Poles

    A new shipment of our Peeled Poles has just arrived.

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