Reisser Cutter metal case (SC.214.MYCUTT)

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Reisser Cutter metal case (SC.214.MYCUTT)


Colour Grey
Recyclable Yes

Cost by measure

Price per piece £64.00
The Original Steel System Case contains: 3.5 x 20mm – 250pcs 3.5 x 25mm – 190pcs 3.5 x 30mm – 160pcs 3.5 x 40mm – 100pcs 3.5 x 50mm – 70pcs 4.0 x 25mm – 300pcs 4.0 x 30mm – 250pcs 4.0 x 40mm – 200pcs 4.0 x 50mm – 250pcs 5.0 x 50mm – 200pcs 5.0 x 60mm – 160pcs 5.0 x 70mm – 130pcs 5.0 x 80mm – 120pcs 5.0 x 100mm – 100pcs
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The Original Steel System Case.

A robust, versatile, professional storage system. Manufactured to the highest quality standards it offers adaptable compartment storage with the additional features of industrial, heavy duty toggle catches plus an integral safety catch which locks on closing the lid to prevent accidental opening and spillage. Cases contain fourteen compartments filled with CUTTER woodscrews.