FAKRO LWK-280 Komfort Loft Ladder 55x111

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FAKRO LWK-280 Komfort Loft Ladder 55x111


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FAKRO LWK Komfort wooden loft ladder is FAKRO's best-selling ladder. Made from high-quality, redwood pine, the ladder comes complete with an insulated hatch and handrail. With a U value of 1.1 and a maximum load weight of 160kg, this ladder is perfect for the majority of projects. The LWL Extra loft ladder benefits from an additional handrail mounted on the middle folding section and an unloading mechanism that assists folding and unfolding the ladder. If you're looking for assisted unfolding and folding, then this is the ladder for you.

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FAKRO Wooden folding loft ladders are the perfect solution for many homes. Providing safe and easy access to your loft space, all FAKRO loft ladders come fully assembled, ready for easy installation.